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Approaching the Iceberg

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

The peak oil curve
Shaped like an iceberg—
There is much below the surface
On which we live our lives
That we don’t wish to see,
While the great solid steel ship of our society,
So formidable, fortified, thrusts forward,
So seemingly invulnerable, yet easily punctured—
Helpless by its own gigantic hurtling momentum
To respond with reason to the quite visible,
Rapidly approaching crisis choice point—
So we keep the lights burning and the band playing.

Let us cut the engines now.
The iceberg has been sighted.
We do have lifeboats
That look like windmills, gardens, bicycles, solar collectors;
Conversation, and conservation.
Together, we’ll recover from fossil fuel addiction,
Make amends for all the violence we have wrought
Upon each other and the Earth.
Forgive one another.
Grow food in the cities, and feed each other.
Travel less, discover village life’s rich texture.
Co-create a gentler, simpler world.
Work for peace.
Declare our water

-Cathy Holt